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So, you really what to know who I am and what CodeClimber is about!

My name is Simone Chiaretta and I'm a software developer/architect his coding on the .NET platform both for business and for fun since 2001, when .NET was still in Beta version.

I worked for 8 years for Esperia, a web agency based in Milan (Italy), and then I decided to go the place which is the farthest from Milan: Wellington in New Zealand where I worked as Chief Software Architect for Calcium Software Ltd.

Back to Italy I decided to try the consulting world, and joined the ranks of Avanade, an international consulting company jointly owned by Accenture and Microsoft, where I'm now working as Senior Solution Developer.

But fed up with it I decided to move out of Italy, again, and now I'm technical lead and "web architect" (whatever that might mean) at the Council of European Union, the main decision making body of the European Union.

I worked on many opensource projects in the past, but now I'm mainly focusing on Subtext, the blog engine this site is running on.

I'm an active community member, in Italy and worldwide: my other blog about .NET is in Italian and hosted on the UGIdotNET web site. I also I had a few talks at various usergroups and I wrote some technical articles both for online and paper magazines

And when I'm not writing code, blog posts or taking part in the worldwide .NET community, I like to look for the shortest path up to a mountain, which usually is a vertical one: free-climbing, mountain climbing and ice climbing are my other way of throwing away my spare time.

posted on Friday, December 8, 2006 9:18 PM