Last Friday Ugo and me were in Paris for the NCrafts Conference organized by the ALT.NET France and our friend Rui Carvalho.

We talked about “Owin and Katana”: at the beginning I saw many question marks on the head of people, but while going through the talk I saw those question marks becoming light bulbs, and at the end of the talk a very vibrant questions and answers session happened, something that I hoped, but frankly didn’t expect.

We published the slides on Slideshare:

Owin and Katana from Ugo Lattanzi and Simone Chiaretta

We also put on Github the demo that I’ve shown during the talk:
There are 5 demos:

  • 01.OwinIIS: Demo of running Katana on IIS Host
  • 02.OwinHost: Demo of running Katana on OwinHost.exe
  • 03.OwinSelfHost: Demo of running Katana on self host and with custom error page
  • 04.OwinWebAPI: Running WebAPI on top of Katana
  • 05.OwinMiddleware: example of using 3 different middlewares in the Owin pipeline. The 3 middlewares are built using 3 different approaches.

I hope Rui gets to organize the conference also next year.
As bonus points, the conference was organized in a really nice location, 300 meters from Les Invalides and also very close to the Musée d’Orsay.

If you want to know more about Owin and Katana, we are writing a short e-book that will be available in a month or so, published by Syncfusion as part of its “Succinctly” e-book series.