I have to say that lately all my spare time has been dedicated to the organization of the Web.NET Conference: I firmly believe that the future of web development will move away from the enterprise features and the needless over-engineering typical of the last decade. That’s why I’m putting so much effort in this conference. And I’m super happy of how it’s rolling out.

Registration: Sold out and waitlist is open

We opened registration the 18 of September, at midday, and by 2:30PM all the 120 places available have been given out: that means 120 seats in 2:30. The previous record for the other conference I organized was 120 seats in one day, and it was already a big accomplishment.

At the moment only the waitlist is open, and there are already 40 persons in it: from experience we usually recall 40 people from the waitlist (if people registered are nice and tell us if they planning on not coming anymore), so if you register quickly chances are you might take part in the conference anyway.


I want to thank all the people that voted during the month of August as they really helped shape the conference: we have received 45 proposals from 30 speakers all of which where super interesting, and would have been really difficult for us to choose the 20 sessions for the agenda. Here is the beautiful design of the agenda, designed by the guys of GreenBubble, an Italian web agency that jumped both feet together with us on this project (click on the image to read the agenda):


There will be a lot of international speakers and they’ll talk about WebAPI, REST, OWIN, advanced JavaScript frameworks, and more: all topics strictly related to “simplicity” and lightweight approach in building web applications.

Now 3 more weeks and the conference will kickoff: it will be a busy period, but really looking forward to meeting in person everyone that made this possible: the speakers, the sponsors and the attendees.