Over the month of July, 29 speaker submitted 44 presentations' proposals. But we have only 19 slots, so even limiting to one session per speaker we will not be able to accept all the speakers that submitted a proposal.

Today we are opening the voting phase: till the beginning of September you’ll be able to vote for the 5 sessions you’d like to attend to at the Web.NET Conference on the 20 October.

Speakers are coming from all Europe (and beyond), like Pierre Spring from Switzerland, Niels Hartvig from Umbraco, Jakob Mattsson from Sweden, Maarten Balliauw, Kris van der Mast and Jef Claes from Belgium, Ayende from Israel, Christian Horsdal from Denmark (first proposal received), Robert Mühsig from Germany. Of course also a lot of Italian, like Roberto Messora, Raffaele Rialdi, Massimiliano Mantione (which is now working on the Chrome’s V8 Javascript compiler) and many more.

Which topics have been proposed?

Just to give you a taste of what has been proposed, here is a quick list of the topics:

  • NancyFx, OpenRASTA, FubuMVC
  • HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Design
  • Owin, SignalR
  • Backbone.js and Knockout.js
  • Django, Node.js, Sinatra
  • Orchard, Umbraco and Sharepoint
  • Azure and cloud computing in general
  • Javascript performance tips (from someone that builds the V8 compiler for Chrome)
  • and much more

To get the full list of speaker and topics, just go the Web.NET Conference web site, login with your Twitter or Facebook account, and vote for the 5 sessions you would like to attend.

The voting will stay open till beginning of September. And then we’ll open the registrations to the conference.