The web is evolving, and so are the techniques, technologies and frameworks used in web development. Together with Ugo Lattanzi we are organizing the Web.NET Conference Europe, this fall, in North Italy.

Logistics is not 100% certain yet: it will be in North Italy, probably in Milano, and will be this fall, probably toward the mid/end of October.

What is sure, instead, are the topics: Advanced JavaScript frameworks, REST frameworks, Cloud, lightweight http servers, real-time web, low-ceremony web frameworks, both in .NET and in other technologies.

We’ll probably launch a call for speakers around of May/beginning of June, but if you already have a idea, start thinking about. We are expecting a European audience, so all talks should be in English.

To get an email when things becomes more defined you can register on the launch page of the conference, http://webnetconf.eu. You’ll get a personal sharing URL with which you can help us share the good news, and get in return pre-emption right on the seats available, and might even win a free event t-shirt.

We also have a twitter account, @webnetconf, and a facebook page, and the hashtag for the conference is #webnet12

Now some background on how this conference came to existence: organizing conferences takes a lot of effort, especially if done with little help, and the organization of that last conference left me without strength. That’s also one of the reasons why UGIALT.net had its last conference this January. But during and after that day I had many people asking me why we quit, that the conference was the best conference they’ve been ever, and that the community still needed a objective view on the .NET development. I was a bit reluctant at first, but all that messages, and the active push of Ugo Lattanzi made me change my mind. And so here I am again, organizing another conference.