top5-2011This is the time of year when people look back at the year just passed, review and looks out for the year to come.

My retrospection post will come in the new year, but for the moment I want to review my top posts of 2011.

The most popular post of 2011

1. The history of ASP.NET MVC, so far – This blog post contains the list of all the version of ASP.NET MVC, and the features that were brought into each version. It was featured in the home page of the portal for a few days at the beginning of July.

2. 10 articles on ASP.NET MVC Extensibility to land on Simple-Talk in the next months – This post announces a series of articles I’m writing for Simple-Talk, the online portal of RedGate. The series is about a very important topic about ASP.NET MVC: Extensibility. Two article have been already published: An Introduction to ASP.NET MVC Extensibility and ASP.NET MVC Routing Extensibility and more are coming in the future months.

3. is back on trackTop post from 2010 was about, and its possible death, and one of top 5 post of this year is about the revived activity of the project and the first release after the new team took the lead on the project.

4. Summer time learning: Getting started with Node.js – Included in my usual summer reading list, this year I also included a specific post about Node.js, some books and also some online resources and libraries.

5. Beginning ASP.NET MVC 1 is now available as a DRM-free PDF ebook – This was just an announcement that my book about ASP.NET MVC 1 was released as DRM free eBook.

2011 in numbers

In 2011 I wrote 47 posts (48 with that one) which is just 5 less than 2010, and considering the increased usage of twitter, this is not that bad after all. Compared to 2010, the page views increased, by almost 25%, going from 400k to more than 500k page views (490k with still more than week to go before the end of the year).

And now, the obligatory season wishes…