During the last 3 weeks I’ve been pretty busy with the organization of the UGIALT.net of next 21st January. This post is a quick update on the status of the Call For Presenters and the next steps that will lead to the big day.

First of all: the official closing date for the CFP is November 27, at 23:59 CET, so you still have 9 days to think about something and submit it.

So far, we have received 29 proposals, from 23 different speakers, and the agenda will have 3 tracks of 5 slots and one track with 4 slots, for a total of 19 sessions. So, if you do the math, a voting is needed, and at least 4 speakers will not be included in the agenda, which is a real pity since all the proposals are really great.

In the following week the voting will begin, and will close just before Christmas, and somewhere in the middle, probably the December 12th, the registration will be opened (detailed dates will be announced later).

For the voting everybody will be able to select his 5 favorite proposals and, when the voting closes, the top 19 sessions will be put in the agenda. The voting will happen on the official UGIALT.net website.

And finally, I want to tease you with a quick list of the topics of the sessions proposed so far: NHibernate, ASP.NET MVC, NuGet, SignalR, Git, Javascript frameworks, real-time web, oData, DDD, Agile, Continuous Integration & Delivery/Deployment, UX, WinRT/Metro, CQRS, PHP, dynamic languages, Roslyn, async messaging.

If you speak Italian you can read a bit more of info on my Italian blog: UGIALT.net conf 7: proposte pervenute e votazioni