At the end of April, Microsoft Belgium organized the TechDays Belgium, the annual developer and IT conference in Belgium, to which I had the pleasure to attend. I also manned the Ask The Expert booth and helped attendees with their questions about ASP.NET MVC, Orchard and web development.

It was 3 days of very interesting sessions, ranging from the keynote/standup comedy show by Scott Hanselman to the ASP.NET MVC Deep Dive sessions by Hadi Hariri and to the Girls-Power WP7 development session by Katrien DeGraeve and Isabel Gomez Miragaya. And the last day was a deep-dive on everything ALM: a bit of the usual TFS marketing but also a very good session about how to implement Kanban with TFS.

If you didn't attend the conference, or if you attended but missed, like I did, some sessions because they were at the same time of other you attended, you can watch them online both on the official TechDays Belgium 2011 site, where you can find both dev and IT pro videos, or on Channel 9, where you can directly go to the videos and download also other formats and the slides.

Here are my personal favorites:

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