In this post I’m going to introduce a Mopapp, a mobile app sales analytics site I am using to track the downloads of my FeedTso WP7 app. It is a startup by an Italian developer, and it is competing as BizSpark European Summit Start-up for the year. If you think it is a cool idea, I’d really appreciate if you could vote for it.

The problem it solves

If you have developed a Windows Phone 7 application and put it online in the MarketPlace you might have found that the reporting capabilities of MarketPlace backoffice are not that great: you only have 2 graphs with the cumulative and the day to day downloads, and a table with the split per country. And to see how many applications you sold you have to go to another web application, the billing application or if they have not been billed yet, you have to do the math yourself. Same thing with reviews: you have to go to the public marketplace and see what users said about your app.
It might be that with Mango the new MarketPlace will be better, but we don’t know for sure, and even if it was we have to wait till this fall.

This is not a problem of the WP7 MarketPlace alone: also the Android, the BlackBerry and all the other mobile apps stores have the same problems.

Mopapp features

To overcome these problems, Marco Bellinaso (from TheBeerHouse fame and Wrox author ) developed an web-based service that connects daily to your accounts, downloads the raw data and display them in a nice graph, with possibility to filter by date, country, group by month. Here is an example of some of the charts:

 mopapp-downloads mopapp-downloads-countries

Just as reference, here is the same chart from the MarketPlace. Notice some difference?


The super-cool thing is that, if you are selling your application on different platforms, you can configure Mopapp to retrieve data from all the stores and make comparisons between the different platforms. Same thing if you are selling more than one application: you can chart downloads and sales on the same chart and make comparisons to see what is selling better.

mopapp-eventOne feature I find very interesting is the possibility to add “Events”: for example a review appears on a popular site, or you release a new version, or your start a marketing campaign. Thanks to that you can verify if such event triggered more sales than usual, and verify the validity of your campaign.

The image on the left shows two events, the first one that didn’t cause any improvement in the sales of FeedTso, the second one, the release of a new version, that did.

It also integrates with ad networks: this way you can verify if an ad-supported application is getting you more money than an application you sell. And all done in the same screen, without logging in to different sites.

There are also many other features, like tracking in-app sales for iPhones, showing reviews. For these I suggest you take a look at the Mopapp features tour that is on their site.

Shameless plug

To wrap up, they are still in beta, and you can signup for free with the professional plan. And in the meanwhile, if you could vote for them at the BizSpark European Summit Start-up, this will be great.