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May 2011 Blog Posts

Lessons learned about designing a WP7 application at MS Web Café

Yesterday evening Daniela and I did a quick 10 minutes presentation during the third edition of Microsoft Belgium Web Café, at the Microsoft Innovation Center in Mons.

The presentation was about the lessons we learned during the development of our Windows Phone 7 application, FeedTso.

The presentation is quite image intensive, with not many words, but if go to the presentation page on SlideShare you can read everything we said in the the presentation’s notes.

On the same topic, Daniela wrote a blog post titled What I learned designing my first Windows Phone7 app, which contains more or less the same contents of the presentation.

As last note I just want to thank Katrien De Graeve and Tom Crombez for having organized this really wonderful event which is the Web Café. I this is a really great format: quick presentations, case studies, and lots of networking and lots of fun. I hope they will keep on doing it even in the new FY.

FeedTso is already available on the MarketPlace, so you can see how we implemented all these tips in our application.