If you are reading this post it means that you are now reading my blog from the new server. Please let me know if you find it faster, slower, if you spot errors or something like that. That will be really appreciated.

It has been ages since I last installed a new server, especially with so little resources: 30 Gb are great if it's just a shared hosting, but on VPS, 20 of these 30GB are used by the operating system itself.

Now I also have to setup some kind of backup strategy to avoid loosing all my posts in case of problems. I think I'll probably adopt the Dropbox approach suggested by Rob Conery for the websites files, and will setup a weekly backup of the database that goes in a dropbox folder as well.

Probably I'll also think into moving all my static files (CSS, images, code downloads) somewhere in the cloud (like Amazon) just to reduce the disk usage and also the bandwidth consumption on the server.

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