The 6th conference starts in 15 days, and here is a quick update on the agenda and the prizes.


Thanks to the donation of 21 out of 175 registered we gathered around 350€. If you want to help us cover the costs of the conference but didn’t donate when you registered you do it now on the site and clicking on the button “Donazione”.


The agenda of the day is ready: 4 rooms x 5 slots, for 19 sessions in total.

Really pleased by the fact that this time most of the sessions have been proposed by the attendees, so, the road is open for the next, BarCamp only, 7th conference

Please note the return of the super speaker mitico Fabio Santini, and to special guest from abroad Fabio Maulo, in remote connection from Argentina.

  • 9:00 – Registration
  • 10:00 - Keynote
  • Patterns:
    • 10:30 - “Layered Expression Trees: una terza via (idiomatica) verso il DDD”, di Andrea Saltarello
    • 11:45 - “CQRS Mettiamoci in discussione”, di Alessandro Melchiori
    • 14:15 - “MEF + MVVM = MefedMVVM”, di Federico de Grandis
    • 15:45 – TBD, di Brandolini (qualcosa su Scrum e Kanban)
    • 17:00 - “Utilizzo delle best practice nello sviluppo del software”, di Gianluigi Salvi
  • Code Kata + New in .NET:
    • 10:30 - Code kata: 2 ore di hands on code gestito da Antonio Lucca
    • 14:15 - “Incominciare con F#”, di Marco Parenzan
    • 15:45 – “Tutto quello che avreste voluto sapere su Windows Phone 7 e non avete osato chiedere”, di Lorenzo Barbieri
    • 17:00 - “Sviluppare nel cloud ? Perchè e come sfruttare al massimo le risorse di Windows Azure”, di Fabio Santini
  • Not.NET
    • 10:30 - “Sviluppare plugin per google Chrome”, di Marco Moscaritolo
    • 11:45 - “HTML5 Un anno dopo”, di  Cristiano Rastelli
    • 14:15 - “OpenId: avere una sola password, fra miti e leggende”, di Samuele Reghenzi
    • 15:45 – “Come io uso Git”,  di Alessandro Cinelli
    • 17:00 - “Ruby on Rails vs ASP.NET MVC”, con  Sandro Paganotti, Alberto Barrilá e Simone Chiaretta
  • Data Persistence:
    • 10:30 - “EF Code First e NH, due ORM a confronto”, con Pietro Libro e Martino Bordin
    • 11:45 – preparazione pranzo
    • 14:15 - “Tutto quello che avreste voluto sapere sui database e non avete osato chiedere – Reprise”, di Davide Mauri
    • 15:45 – “ConfORM Live Show”, di Fabio Maulo (live from Argentina)
    • 17:00 - “NH Q&A”, di Fabio Maulo (live from Argentina)

More info with the abstract of all the sessions are available on the site.


As usual, thanks to the various sponsors and to being awarded as best community in Italy for the FY 2010, we will have quite a few prizes for the final raffle.

  • A WP7 SmartPhone (probably LG Optimus 7) and some TFS licenses by Microsoft
  • R#, dotTrace and dotCover licenses offered by JetBrains
  • NDepend from Patrick Smacchia
  • NHProf by Ayende
  • Some books about NH3 from PackPub
  • Some subscrition to TekPub

If you like the prizes and the agenda, but have not registered yet, 5 seats are still available.

See you on February 19th.