Simon Philp, member of the Subtext team with a passion for webdesign (and snowboarding), has started the New Year with a lot of energy, and with an amazing project: Subtext Skin Bonanza 2011

What is it?

He is taking some public available skins from other blogging engines and porting them to Subtext. He will publish one skin every 2-4 days for 3 months. So at the end of this super-porting project, Subtext will have 30-40 new skins you can choose from.

The 6 skins so far

He started this project at the beginning of the year and today, 20 days into the new year, he already published 6 skins.

GreenPark TitanSkin

 Brightfolio1 iStudio

Suffusion-HomePage Koi-SkinHomepage

How do you like them?

If you are running on Subtext, and want to pimp you blog a bit, subscribe to Simon’s blog and follow his progress.

Also, if you like a wordpress skin and would like it to be ported, please add a comment on his blog.