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One of the reasons for the failures of 2010 is over-commitment.

Number one priority for 2011, will be: do not over-commit. Starting from my resolutions, so just 3 per 3 categories.

  • Personal life
    • XC-Skiing: at last for this winter, train, practice and try to take part in the Engadin Ski Marathon with Daniela and Davide Vosti.
    • Climbing: go back climbing. Period.
    • Be more constant with training activities: I won’t say doing triathlon race as last year, but at least running more constantly, going swimming more and some cycling.
  • Blogging and community involvement:
    • Take care of my blog more: Daniela might need to review a bit the design she made for my blog in 2009 but this year I really need to revamp my blog skin. But also try to write more technical post.
    • Subtext and opensource: Subtext is lagging behind other platform, still because of the missing plugin framework. Let’s see if this year it is the right year for this. And I have a project I’m working on that I’d like to release and maintain properly as open-source project.
    • Try to engage more with the Belgian community: I’ll still be in touch with the Italian community, but now I’m living in Belgium, I’m a Belgian MVP and I’d love to contribute to this community as well.
  • Technology:
    • Keep up with ASP.NET MVC: lately, due to all the various other projects, I didn’t stay up to date with the latest features of Microsoft Web Stack, like ASP.NET MVC 3, NuGet, Orchard, WebMatrix an so on. I have to catch up with it, and maybe produce some contents for it.
    • Windows Phone 7: I always thought the mobile is the future of IT: I did an iPhone app in 2008, and now WP7 came. It is much easier for a .NET developer to write app for it. I’ve FeedTso, my feed news reader, coming out soon, and during the year I’d love to constantly enhance its features. And maybe another mobile app or two.
    • Autopilot with Arducopter and Arduino: maybe not going so far and building an autopilot for my RC land yacht, but I’d love to finish assembling my Arducopter (something I already started over the Xmas period) and experiment a bit more with Arduino development and electronics.

Let’s see if I can score 9 GOOD next January.

posted on Friday, January 14, 2011 9:59 AM

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# re: My resolutions for 2011: do not over-commit

Left by Jef Claes at 1/14/2011 10:23 AM

Goodluck Simone!

I would love to see you contribute more to our Belgian community. Also, maybe you should pick up learning Dutch instead of French ;)

# re: My resolutions for 2011: do not over-commit

Left by Simone at 1/14/2011 10:39 AM

Thank you Jef. Let's see if I can contribute more this year, now that my relocation is finished (almost)

Well... I need to be fluent in a third language as a requirement for my job (as in B2 level) as soon as possible (to be eligible for the first promotion) and since I knew French a bit already, French is similar to Italian (and even more to my regional dialect from Varese) and where I live everybody speak French, that was the fastest option.
But I already bought "Néerlandais pur null"... just need to start reading it :)

# re: My resolutions for 2011: do not over-commit

Left by Alexander Beletsky at 1/19/2011 6:40 AM

Good luck to you, Simone!

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