It’s the beginning of the year again, and exactly as last year, on the 13th of January I’m reviewing the year that passed against the my 2010 resolutions, and see how it went.

Who did 2010 go?

Before starting the list I want to add a resolutions that I didn’t disclose with my 2010 resolutions: I wanted to move out of Italy in 2010. And since now I’m living in Belgium I think the biggest goal form 2010 was accomplished. But all the other resolutions where a bit shadowed by the big effort needed to accomplish this goal, before and mainly after the actual move.

  • Personal Resolutions
  • Blogging and community involvement Resolutions
    • Redesign my blog: I developed a few other websites as personal projects (NHDay, Daniela new blog TsoDa, FeedTso) but, as we say in Italy, “the shoemaker childrean walk with broken shoes”, and I had no time to do it for myself. FAIL
    • Write an eBook: I wrote the “What’s new with ASP.NET MVC 2” eBook published by Wrox. GOOD
    • Be more constant in my blogging: I already discussed this in the post with my top 5 posts for 2010, but in short I blogged even less than 2009, but didn’t blog as much as I would have liked to. This seems to be a general trend now in the whole .NET community, where quick info are shared via twitter and not with short blog posts as it was in the past. NEUTRAL
    • Make a better blog: I’m probably taking more time crafting better blog posts, and taking more time into headlines, keyword linking, but haven’t find the time to really apply all the advices from the book 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. FAIL
    • Subtext: and opensource in general. We released three versions of Subtext during 2010, one main release, the one with, one bug-fix release and one to support Medium-Trust. And we also started working on vNext that runs totally on .NET4. And I also got a bit involved with Umbraco. So this year my opensource participation was GOOD.
    • Produce more content in Italian: FAIL. Nothing in Italian except the presentation at the last conf in January. All my other presentations were in English.
  • Technology/Work Resolutions
    • JavaScript/jQuery/CSS: not really used that things a lot. A bit but not that much, and didn’t even follow the evolution of the technologies and lost a bit of contact. FAIL
    • HTML5: I have a PostIt on my personal kanban board since June, but still haven’t found the time to experiment with it. FAIL
    • Work on public B2C web sites: Yeah, finally, this year I got back to public websites, the Council of EU and the European Council sites. Nothing super fancy, but still, something. GOOD
    • NHibernate: I got a bit more expert in using it, but due to my current job, I alternate period of coding to period more on the management side, and everytime I go back to coding it’s like I have to start from scratch again. But with the help of FluentNH and S#arpArchitecture things are easier. And, still on the NH side, I organized the NHDay, which was the greatest and IMHO most successful conference I ever organized. GOOD
    • Be an agent of change in my team: One of my task here at the Council is redesigning the application development lifecycle and introduce the practices all the cool kids are using. But things move very slowly, so no tangible effect yet. NEUTRAL
  • Unplanned

If I evaluate it on the quantity, I would say that 2010, with 7 FAIL, 2 NEUTRAL and 6 GOOD went pretty bad. But if I evaluate based on the quality, having relocated outside of Italy, and still having achieved 50% of what I planned, I can say 2010 went pretty well.

What’s up for 2011?

This post is already too long... look at my 2011 resolutions.