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After the first unboxing of my new Samsung Omnia 7 and reporting my comments on WP7 after a few weeks of using it, now I’m writing my wish list on what I’d want in the next updates for WP7.

  • A full fledged Zune for Mac that can synchronize Apps, contacts from Mac’s Address Book
  • A new, better browser that supports HTML5, and doesn’t look like a Windows Mobile 6.5 application.
  • A unified mailbox that groups together all the mailbox I configured
  • Data usage counter
  • A sent notification on outgoing email and SMS. The way iPhone does, with a sound, is great
  • More categorization options for phone numbers, and also groups would be useful
  • Add an option to download email when entering the email application, instead of just relying on push notification or manual sync
  • Add an on screen confirmation for shutting down the device
  • Make it possible to choose what to synchronize with Hotmail
  • Copy&Paste (will come in the next update in February)
  • Make a slightly bigger keyboard or at least less sensitive to accidental misplacements of the finger
  • Fix the MarketPlace search to return only applications when you search for applications (this will come in the next WP7 update)
  • Download all Calendars from Google Calendars, not just the main calendar
  • Redesign the Monthly calendar view: for example, different colors for days with appointments would be much better then tiny unreadable words.

I don’t know if there is an place where I can post my comments so that the WP7 team can read them. I tried on Connect but haven’t found anything about WP7.

If you happen to be in contact with someone of them, just send them the link to this post.

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posted on Friday, January 7, 2011 10:28 AM

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# re: My wish list for Windows Phone 7

Left by David White at 1/7/2011 11:39 AM

A "remaining characters count" when writing an SMS message.

# re: My wish list for Windows Phone 7

Left by Simone at 1/7/2011 1:59 PM

@David: it is already, it just pops out when you are 10 or 20 chars from the limit.

# re: My wish list for Windows Phone 7

Left by David White at 1/7/2011 9:02 PM

Great! I'm displaying my ignorance -- or rather, learning new things -- already.

Try another...

At the moment you can "shell out" to another app to take a photo or pick a contact, etc. (I know, it's tombstones and resurrection really.)

It would be useful to extend this beyond the built-in apps to 3rd party apps. Eg from my list of movies yet to watch, I can pick one and fire up the IMDB app to see details of that movie.

This would enhance the "connectedness" of WP7 apps v the "silos" of other platform apps.

Along those lines, communication via Facebook and Twitter is included in "system plumbing" (like email and SMS).

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