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October 2010 Blog Posts

Hand picked sessions from PDC2010

Update: Added links to all downloadable videos

If you are not living under a rock, probably you know that yesterday (October 28th) the PDC2010 started. This year’s format is quite different from the other years’ one: just 2 days, hosted inside Microsoft Campus, all sessions (not just the keynotes) available live and some sessions have been pre-recorded to give more content than it could fit into just 2 days. And they developed a great website so that people could watch the whole conference from home (of course, they wouldn’t get the WP7 phone).

The main themes

The main themes of this year where:

  • IE9 and HTML5
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Cloud

What really shocked me was to hear Steve Ballmer saying that:

“HTML 5 is the glue that ties all of these things together”

And not a word as been said about Window 8, or Silverlight outside of the context of WP7 development. So it seems like this time they are getting it right.

My hand picked sessions

I’m not interested in all the three themes, but just some of them. Here is the list of the sessions I’m interested in (with links to streaming, download and powerpoint when available).

The online video experience

Having the possibility to watch all the sessions as they happen is invaluable, but I think it is ironic that in the keynote Ballmer says “HTML5 is the future”, and then they build it with Silverlight.

I also think this application shows how not to build Silverlight applications if you want to put them on the web:

  • You cannot select any text, not possible to do copy and paste (I had to copy all the titles manually to make my list)
  • The url always shows: The url doesn’t change when you go to the various sessions or when you go the PDC guide. And the links to the sessions are some shortened url you can copy if you want to share the session you are watching
  • If you want to copy the url of a downloadable file you have to download it, go to the list of downloads in your browser, and copy the url it was download from. If it was a normal web page, all you needed was right-click on the link and copy url.
  • Same problem with the links to external sites: you have to click on the link (which, btw, is opened in a popup windows that gets blocked) to see the url.

Don’t get me wrong, probably video players like this one are one of the scenarios where you might want to use Silverlight on the web, but please, do it web-compatible next time…

kick it on

Debreefing the NHDay

Less than 10 days ago the First European NHibernate Day took place in Bologna: here are some comments on the day and in a future post, being among the organizers, the process that lead to event.

The Attendance

Let’s start from the event day: even if the biggest part of the attendance was Italian, it was amazing to see so many people coming from various countries, and travelling even from Sweden and Norway to attend this event. This made the European NHDay a really international event.


The sessions

Unfortunately I was not able to attend all the speeches, but the few I attended were great: Ayende is a great speaker, not only from the technical point of view, but also because of the interaction he creates with the people attending his speeches. But do not forget also the other guys, the ones that held the presentations in the “small room” and treated more theoretical topics.

And icing on the cake was the Q&A that we did with Fabio Maulo over Skype: lot of great questions and lot of conversations about ConfORM and NH3.

It might sound crazy and ironic, but I the thing that surprised me the most was the session about RavenDB. I had tested it in June/July but it since then it got a lot better. And I was also pretty happy that they added a feature I suggested when I was testing it. I should really find a way to use it somehow in a project.

The #NHDay tag

It was a great success on twitter: the #NHDay tag has been one of the top 5 trending topic twice during the day in Switzerland (we had at least 4 people from Switzerland attending and tweeting) and when Fabio Maulo announced that NHibernate 3 went beta during the NHDay, it was also a trending topic in Italy, even more “trending” that #wired.


What if you couldn’t attend?

For the first time we streamed the event live on, and the live received 70 unique viewers, which is pretty amazing. The great thing aboout ustream is that the live videos are available also for on-demand viewing: so if you missed the event and the live show, you can watch the sessions of the main room (the one with Ayende) online:

We also recorded all the sessions, both screencast of the presenter’s laptop and of the speaker, and when the Gods of the digital divide allow us, we will publish them online too. Hopefully the quality will be a bit better than the dump of the live video.

Last but not least, all the presentations are available for download (or for online viewing since most are on slideshare) linked from the agenda on the NHDay site.

Last thoughts

Overall it was a great event, many interesting talks: too bad I was coming from super-busy period with both the final bits of the organization of the event and all the issues with my removal and change of country, and I was not able to enjoy the event as I would have loved to. But thank you again to all the people that helped make the NHDay a great event.

And also a great thank to the sponsors that made the NHDay possibile and that made it possibile to have a prize for almost every attendee. And remember that you have some discounts for buying the NHibernate 3 cookbook and a copy of Visual NHibernate using the codes I announced during the keynote.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the videos.

The European NHDay will be streamed online

As probably all my reader know by now, in a few days there will be first edition of the European NHibernate Day, and since all the 220 available seats have gone more than one month ago, to give to everybody the opportunity to watch the speeches we decided that we’ll try and stream the complete event online.

We created the ugialtnet account on UStream.TV and two channels that will broadcast the live stream from the two rooms:

And after the event the recording will be made available for on-demand viewing.

One small note, the times on the schedules for the event are always, no matter where you are reading the website from, in PST. It seems like a bug of, but keep this in mind, and add 9 hours to the schedule.

This is the first time we do such a thing, so we hope everything will go smoothly.

I'm not an Italian MVP anymore... I'm a Belgian MVP now

At the beginning of October I received an email saying that my MVP award has been renewed again: this is my 3rd time.

But I also receive the communication that my MVP lead changed from Alessandro Teglia, to William Jansen, MVP Lead for the BeNeLux and Nordics area. So I'm now officially a Belgian MVP.

I want to thank Alessandro Teglia for being such a good MVP Lead, and for initiating me to being an MVP. And I hope I'll be able to take part in the Belgian .NET community more than I'm doing now.