whatsnewinaspnetmvc2 My latest book, the What’s new in ASP.NET MVC 2 Wrox Blox, is now available for purchase from the Wrox store at the cost of US $6.99.

For those who are not familiar with them, Wrox Blox are short and concise ebooks that cover very specific topics. Ranging from 30 to 70-80 pages, they are a very good option in case you need to solve a specific problem, or learn a specific technology, but you don’t to buy a whole book only when you would read a chapter or two.

And this ebook is exactly like that: in 35 pages it covers all the main new features that were released with ASP.NET MVC 2:

  • Templated Helpers and Model Metadata
  • Areas
  • Asynchronous Controllers
  • RenderAction and ChildActions
  • Strongly Typed UI
  • All the enhancements applied to the model binders
  • The new AutoEncoding syntax
  • The Enhanced Visual Studio Tooling

Just to avoid confusion, this book does not cover the basic of ASP.NET MVC, doesn’t talk about the MVC pattern, how to write controllers, views, view models, etc. It’s a very practical guide that teaches how to use templated helpers, how to write your own templates and validation rules, how to use areas and how to write an async controller. In a few word: you have to have a bit of background on ASP.NET MVC 1.0 to understand it. If you don’t then it’s better that you buy a book about ASP.NET MVC 1.0 first.

Even if this book was not a long process as my previous one, the book writing process was still the same. I want to thank my wife Daniela for supporting me through the writing which happened at the same time of my relocation to Belgium, Eilon Lipton (the Technical Editor) and Kristin Vorce (the Project Editor) for reviewing the book and giving very useful comments that helped increase the quality of it, to Paul Rease and Jim Minatel for giving me possibility to write this book. And also I want to thank the Andrea Balducci, Davide Vosti and Keyvan Nayyeri that helped with some early unofficial reviews while I was writing it.

Hopefully in the future a Kindle version will be available as well.

So, what are you waiting? And if you don’t like it, when we meet I’ll buy you a beer.