Standing up an hour or so after the day starts is one of the (first?) changes I’m trying to introduce into the team I’m working with now. Well, not just standing up around a water cooler, but also talking about what everyone did yesterday, what everyone is going to do today, and if there are some blocking issue that are preventing work to proceed correctly. This is not something I invented, it’s called “Standup Meeting” and is one of the first steps for introducing some kind of Agile into a team.

There is a lot of literature around that specific practice so I won’t explain here what a Stand up meeting is, but I’ll just point you to other links I found interesting.

We have introduced this new practice into the team only 2 weeks ago, and so far the things are going fine. The biggest benefit is that now people have an official moment in time to talk about blocking issues, while previously it was more difficult to try and get the attention of the team.

Let’s see how this turns out in a month or so.