On November 12nd, 2007 I started working in Avanade Italy. And today, November 12nd, 2009, it’s exactly two years I’m working here.

One year ago I already wrote about my first year, and this second year didn’t change opinion about the company: it’s a great place to work, with both tech and soft skills training provided, with the CTO caring about technology (something that should happen everywhere but unfortunately never happened in my previous jobs) and with an overall family environment despite being a 400 persons company.

Unfortunately, due to both the current economic situation and to the general approach to the Internet in Italy, I was not able to do web development since I came over to Avanade Italy. I went on doing team leading as the previous year, and mentoring junior developers on best practices and writing code of quality. Not exactly my favorite kind of job, but still something I like to do. And hopefully “the public internet” will pick up in Italy as well, and I’ll start doing some web development on B2C sites soon.

And now, let’s move on to the 3rd year.

Picture "Smarties: The Fountain” by gadl on Flickr