I just came back from a week of vacation in Berlin, and I found out that my MVP award has been renewed for the second year.

I want to keep this post short, so all I'm going to do is say "Thank you" to all the communities that gave me a slot to speak about ASP.NET MVC, to Wrox that let me write a book and to Keyvan for having partnered with me in writing my first book, and to all the friends of UGIALT.NET and ugidotnet.

And then I want to congratulate with all the newly awarded devs of the community, and especially with GianMaria Ricci and Ugo Lattanzi aka Imperugo, which are doing a lot for the Italian .NET community and Ivan Porto Carrero, which started to take part in the Belgian .NET community. They really deserved the MVP award. And then, also a my congratulations go to Sara Chipps.