... Martin Harris, from Wellington, NZ (@BlackMael) and Andrea Balducci, from Castelfidardo, Italy (@andreabalducci). They both won a yearly subscription to the Mindscape Mega Pack Professional, which includes a license of Lightspeed Professional, all the WPF controls developed by Mindscape, future updates and any other software and control this prolific software factory from Wellington will release in the next 12 months.

Martin is the "official" winner, selected by picking a random tweet from all the ones tweeted. He won by tweeting the following message:

RT @simonech isolated in the void my only salvation to retreat into self with hope for #mindscape #giveaway http://bit.ly/MindscapeGiveaway

His entry complies to all the rules: comment on my post, follows me and is a creative message.

Andrea, instead, was not chosen by a random draw, but he won because he re-tweeted every day since last Friday. So JD and I decided to give another license also to him for his effort. Furthermore he was the first to comment on the blog and his tweets were the most creative, especially the first ones:

RT routes.MapRoute("@simonech","{c}/{a}/{i}",new {c="prize",a="for",i="me"}); #mindscape #giveaway http://bit.ly/MindscapeGiveaway auguri ;D

RT if(bdays["@simonech"]==today.AddDays(-1)) contest["#mindscape #giveaway"].Join();Response.Redirect("http://bit.ly/MindscapeGiveaway");

RT @simonech 342064617973206c65667420746f206a6f696e2074686520636f6e7465737421 #mindscape #giveaway http://bit.ly/MindscapeGiveaway
[this means: "4 days left to join the contest!"]

Congratulations to both Andrea and Martin.