In February I joined the "IE6: Do NOT want!" campaign, which was started by some big media sites in Norway: I was planning to remove the script that showed more modern browsers to the user after one week, but I kept it till now.

Probably not because of me joining the campaign, but IE6 is slightly dropping. I only have stats for my blog, but the percentage of users running IE6 dropped to 8.5% of January, to the 6.4% of July.

But still it's not enough: IE6 is a 8 years old browser, there is no reason to keep on using it. How many of you are still using a PC bought in 2001?

Many web developers are already dropping support for IE6 (like Nate Kohari, owner of Agile Zen, said in his latest interview on HerdingCode), but for less niche websites IE6 is still a browser developers have to support. So, to try and put an end to this pain, a few days ago some popular web startups started another, and, giving their reach, hopefully more effective campaign: IE6 no more.

It works like the other one, but with a much nicer banner:


As a Digg survey found out, the majority of "corporate" users (users that browser the web from their workplace) are still running IE6 because the IT admins prevent them from upgrading. That means that telling them to upgrade is pointless: but if some CEO sees his favorite web site with the warning, probably he might ask the IT department to upgrade the browsers. Anyway, for more informations on how "corporate" users might workaround their restrictions, the campaign's site gives some interesting hints.