Finally, after 10 months, the XBox I won at the Italian MVP Open Days 08 has a monitor: a Dell 27” 2709W Widescreen monitor.


Last December I tried plugging the Xbox in the Cinema Display with no success, and in his comment to the post, Jordan, an ex-colleague from the 9 months I worked in New Zealand, suggested I bought a standard monitor with all the connectors I needed: and he suggested a Dell 24” monitor.
After 6 months I followed his suggestion, and I went a bit further, and I bought the bigger version, the 27” monitor. This way I can also enjoy watching movies from the couch and playing with the Wii.

So far I started playing with Halo3 and a car racing game, but nothing more: any advice you can share with a novice Xbox 360 owner?

I also registered to XBox live and here is my GamerCard: