I’m happy to announce that my first 3 webcasts have just been published on BE-IT, the video portal of MSDN Italy.

They are the first 3 of a longer series about ASP.NET MVC, and they cover:

They are in Italian, but they are mostly screencasts of code editing inside Visual Studio, so I think even people that understand a little of Italian will be able to get something out of it.

The other parts of the tutorial will be published after Summer, and they will cover ASP.NET MVC testability, Real World Development with ASP.NET MVC, the Spark viewengine, a preview of what’s coming with ASP.NET MVC v2 and, if they allow me to do it, also ASP.NET MVC development with Mono.

Let me know if they are easy to understand for non-Italian speaker.

If you are curious about how I recorded the screencasts, I posted a picture on twitter while I was recording one of them: Me recording the screencast with my new mic.

I recorded with Camtasia and the microphone is a SnowBall mic from Blue Mic: it’s a digital condenser mic with USB connection. If you are planning to a webcast or a podcast, I really recommend it: it’s easy to use (just plug it into the USB port) and records a great audio.

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