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July 2009 Blog Posts

ASP.NET MVC T-Shirt by CodeClimber

In order to promote our book on ASP.NET MVC and to spread some love for the library itself, for the Italian ALT.NET conference I printed 40 T-Shirts similar to the one that Chad Myers created on Zazzle last year.

It was quite an interesting experience, as I didn’t know how many people would have been interested in buying such “marketing” t-shirts. And it turned out that quite a few developers wanted them, as you can notice from the people in the first rows of the room.

I ran out of T-Shirts, but I’m thinking about making some more of them: would someone of you be interested? Please, answer in the comments.

On Flickr I uploaded more pictures of people wearing the runat=FAIL t-shirt at the Italian ALT.NET Conference.

My XBox 360 finally meets a monitor

Finally, after 10 months, the XBox I won at the Italian MVP Open Days 08 has a monitor: a Dell 27” 2709W Widescreen monitor.


Last December I tried plugging the Xbox in the Cinema Display with no success, and in his comment to the post, Jordan, an ex-colleague from the 9 months I worked in New Zealand, suggested I bought a standard monitor with all the connectors I needed: and he suggested a Dell 24” monitor.
After 6 months I followed his suggestion, and I went a bit further, and I bought the bigger version, the 27” monitor. This way I can also enjoy watching movies from the couch and playing with the Wii.

So far I started playing with Halo3 and a car racing game, but nothing more: any advice you can share with a novice Xbox 360 owner?

I also registered to XBox live and here is my GamerCard:

CodeClimber Q2-09 Report

At the beginning of this year I write a “New Year’s Resolutions” post, and I promised I would have kept you updated with the progress. I did it at the beginning of April (end of Q1 report) and now this is post is about the second quarter of 2009.

All in all, this Q2 went pretty well from the personal side of resolutions and in the offline community: blog posts are less that they used to be and mainly technical: twitter is taking away the “easy topics” that probably before would have made into a blog post.

Now that the book is complete and I’ve less talk/conferences ahead, my focus for the the next 2 quarters of the year will be on writing more contents on my blog and more opensource contributions. And hopefully making the new skin for the blog.

Webcast on ASP.NET MVC (in Italian)

I’m happy to announce that my first 3 webcasts have just been published on BE-IT, the video portal of MSDN Italy.

They are the first 3 of a longer series about ASP.NET MVC, and they cover:

They are in Italian, but they are mostly screencasts of code editing inside Visual Studio, so I think even people that understand a little of Italian will be able to get something out of it.

The other parts of the tutorial will be published after Summer, and they will cover ASP.NET MVC testability, Real World Development with ASP.NET MVC, the Spark viewengine, a preview of what’s coming with ASP.NET MVC v2 and, if they allow me to do it, also ASP.NET MVC development with Mono.

Let me know if they are easy to understand for non-Italian speaker.

If you are curious about how I recorded the screencasts, I posted a picture on twitter while I was recording one of them: Me recording the screencast with my new mic.

I recorded with Camtasia and the microphone is a SnowBall mic from Blue Mic: it’s a digital condenser mic with USB connection. If you are planning to a webcast or a podcast, I really recommend it: it’s easy to use (just plug it into the USB port) and records a great audio.

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Sneak Peek at our book Beginning ASP.NET MVC 1.0

Our Beginning ASP.NET MVC 1.0 book is going to available on Amazon and on bookstores in a month or so. But for those of you who cannot wait till the release date, I’m going to publish the table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Model-View-Controller Pattern
  • Chapter 2: ASP.NET WebForms vs. ASP.NET MVC
  • Chapter 3: Getting Started with ASP.NET MVC
  • Chapter 4: The Model
  • Chapter 5: The Controller
  • Chapter 6: The View
  • Chapter 7: Routing
  • Chapter 8: Unit Testing Concepts
  • Chapter 9: Testing ASP.NET MVC Applications
  • Chapter 10: Components
  • Chapter 11: Action Filters
  • Chapter 12: AJAX
  • Chapter 13: Deployment
  • Chapter 14: Leveraging ASP.NET WebForm Features
  • Chapter 15: Authentication and Authorization
  • Chapter 16: Extending ASP.NET MVC
  • Chapter 17: Migrating from ASP.NET WebForms
  • Chapter 18: Case Study 1 – Blog Engine
  • Chapter 19: Case Study 2 – Photo Gallery
  • Appendix A: Resources
  • Appendix B: Exercise Solutions

But there is more: you can also download the code samples and a draft version of Chapter 9: Testing ASP.NET MVC Applications.

Another thing you might wonder is: why are there 3 books of on ASP.NET MVC published by Wrox? The short answer is that each book targets a different audience: Keyvan wrote a detailed post explaining the differences between the various Wrox’s series of book.