Today we opened the registration for the IV Italian ALT.NET Conference, that will be held in Bologna on Saturday June 27th and which is was co-organized together with DotNetMarche.

If you are interested in coming, go and register for the conference. But be quick, we opened the registration less than 8 hours ago and we already filled half room (around 45 registered out of 90 seats available).

The agenda has not been finalized yet: the survey to decide the topics is still open (if plan to attend the conference and you haven’t voted yet, please go and vote for the sessions).

At the moment, the most likely sessions are:

  • A Lap Around Mono
  • How to design the User Experience
  • UI Composition: Problems and Solutions
  • Continuous Integration
  • and battling for the 5th place:
    • Code Metrics & Refactoring Strategy On Legacy Code
    • How to componentize views and how to pass data between controllers and views in ASP.NET MVC