June 27th is the date for the next Italian ALT.NET conference. And for the first time in Italy in a .NET UserGroup the sessions have all been proposed by the members of the user group. And since we received 18 proposal out of only 5 time slots, last week we also started the public voting.

If you are planning to attend to the conference, please join the group, and go voting.

Among the many proposals and think that a few require a special mention:

But there is more than just these 5 ones: you can read about the others on the ugialt.net website: http://ugialt.net/IV_UgiAltNetConf.ashx (here translated in English)

Why did we decide to do a call for presenters and then open the public voting: because we wanted to give a voice to the many developers out there that had never had a chance to present at a user group meeting. Given the big response we had, the next conference will probably have more than one room, so that we will have even more people talking about interesting topics.

If you are planning to come, and you didn’t vote already, do it now!

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