We have been planning this since a half a year, and finally we made it: I’ll be going to talk about the usual, boring stuff I so excited about and that I always talk about (ASP.NET MVC) at the next workshop of DotNetUmbria, the .NET UserGroup of Umbria, the weekend before Easter: Friday April 3rd, in Perugia.

It will be an afternoon long workshop, with two sessions:

  • Introduction to ASP.NET MVC, where I’ll introduce ASP.NET MVC, what it is, and how to do things with it
  • ASP.NET MVC, so what? where I’ll be discussing which are the scenarios where ASP.NET MVC is better then WebForms, and how you can do some of the things you were used to with web form, with MVC. And, if I find a bad web form application, I’ll do a refactoring to ASP.NET MVC to show all of this in a real application.

More info, in Italian, in the official announcement.