It’s been a great trip, and landed yesterday in Seattle with snow on the ground, but a wonderful sun. And this morning it’s still sunny (that’s the view from my hotel room).


Right now I’m the lounge at DigiPen, waiting for the second day of ALT.NET Conf to start.

The opening evening was very very interesting, and Phil Haack already wrote a great commentary of it.

I’m really impressed by the huge amount of smart people that are attending, and it’s also a great opportunity to meet people I’ve been interacting with only online. A funny thing is that we know each other by the name of the blog, but not by names. Yesterday it happened to me to introduce myself to people I know by twitter or by blogs and having this kind of conversation:

me: “Hi, I’m Simone Chiaretta, nice to finally meet you in person”.

other: “I don’t think I know you”.

me: “My blog is Codeclimber”.

other: “Oh… now I get who you are, nice to meet you in person”.

And yesterday it was finally the time all the “three Musketeers” of Subtext met in person.


And in this pic I look way better (even if it’s hard to look good after being awake for 30hrs) than the pic on Phil’s post.

It will be a busy week, with the ALT.NET Conference in the weekend, MVP Summit the first three days of the week, and various events almost every evening. At least I’ll be arriving home back on Friday so I’ll have all next weekend to recover.