I just published the first two recordings from the Italian ALT.NET Conference of last Saturday.

The first, and probably more interesting because the session was in English, is Ivan’s one about IronRuby, titled “Ruby <3 .NET”.

Ruby <3 .NET from Piyodesign on Vimeo.

And the slides and demo are available on the SVN repository for the conference.

I also published the last session of the day, that was about Fitnesse and acceptance tests in general, held by Jacopo Franzoi. Here you can see the video (in Italian, sorry)

Test di accettazione (Fitnesse) from Piyodesign on Vimeo.

And, as for the IronRuby session, you can find the demo and the instruction to get them running (which are in English), on the SVN repository.

It was fun to record and encode the movies, and really have to say that I was able to capture from my DV camera directly to an external firewire Hard Drive through iMovie. That’s a really cost effective way to record 6 hours of videos, without buying 6 DV cassettes than I’ll never use again.

PS: If you notice something strange going on, is the “demo mode” of the camera that after a certain time of inactivity (camera turned on but not recording) start bugging. I didn’t find a way to disable it on time for the conference. Sorry for the nightshots, posterized frames and all that crappy stuff.

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