As I announced a month ago, next Saturday there will be the 3rd Italian ALT.NET Conference in Milano.

I'm pretty excited to say that last week all the seats available went sold out, and we probably will expand the limit to 60 to include the people in wait list.

The agenda of the event, which is a kind of OpenSpace with "fixed" session, is:

  • How to write User Stories and Planning Game
  • IronRuby, by Ivan Porto Carrero, author of IronRuby in Action
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Advanced TDD in real world
  • Acceptance tests (with Fitnesse)

At the end of the event we will give some prizes to the people that will stay till the end of the day:

I want to say thank to these sponsors, and, our big thank goes to SourceSense that gave us the room for the event.

If someone from France, Switzerland, Austria or anyone that lives at cheap-fare flight distance from Milano wants to come to the event, just drop me a line: and don't worry about the language, we already have Ivan that doesn't understand Italian, so we will do our best to speak and discuss in English.