UPDATE: The big news were:

  • New iLife ‘09, with new iPhone with Facial Recognition, support for Flickr and Geo-Tagging
  • New iWork ‘09, with possibility to share docs online on iwork.com
  • New Aluminum MacBook Pro 17” (starting from 2800 USD, a bit too much in my opinion)
  • DRM-Free songs on iTunes, and new pricing schema .69c for all songs, 1.29$ for the latest hits

Today is the day of the usual MacWorld keynote: it will be without Steve Jobs, suffering from some health problems. As usual many rumors are spreading about which is going to be the big news of the year. Here in random order some of the rumors:

No video or audio streaming is allowed from the MacWorld: many sites will have a text only live event, but I’d follow it from twitter, from macrumors

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