Last October, at my first MVP Open Days, I won a XBox 360, but I was not able to use it since my only display is an Apple Cinema Display. The problem is that the XBox can send the signal out with HDMI, Composite, Component and VGA: unfortunately the Cinema Display only accepts DVI.

I was busy with other things so I never looked for a way to solve the problem, as I thought that finding a converter would have been easy. And in fact it was: with 20€ I bought a media adapter that finally allowed me to connect the XBox to the Cinema Display.

But it was not the simple: even if the physical connection is possible, the XBox 360 probably sends a signal that is not compatible with what the Cinema Display can accept.

I immediately started to think about buying a display just to play games, and that can work also with the Wii, but after a bit of searching I found out the only monitors that can be used both for the XBox 360 and for the Wii are Televisions. The Wii can only use component or composite, and I didn’t find any LCD display that can use that input: why are they thinking everyone owns a TV? I don’t want to buy a TV (in Italy if you buy a TV you have to pay an annual fee of more than 100€ because you might watch the National channels, even if you don’t watch them).

Can anyone suggest me a way to solve this problem? Does anyone know of a monitor that can handle Composite or Component but that doesn’t have a TV tuner? Or a way to connect the Wii to normal PC monitor?

Thank you.

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