ScottGu just wrote about the new features that are coming with the release candidate of ASP.NET MVC V1 that is going to ship in January.

  • Views without code-behind: all other view engines works that way, and having an additional file just to specify the type of the model is pretty overwhelming. Good for this enhancement.
  • HtmlHelpers now expose the model of the view: this is strictly related to the new feature above. Since you cannot create view-specific helpers anymore, we needed a way to supply the model of the view to HtmlHelpers.
  • UI Scaffolding: when you create a view, now you can ask Visual Studio to create the HTML of the UI to edit/create/delete/list/show the model supplied to the view. The pages are created using the T4 code-generation engine that comes with VS.
  • More support for validation: till now the only reason why the binding of the HTML form to the view could fails was if there was a inconsistency of the types of properties. With RC you’ll be able to add more validation options.
  • New ActionResults: the BinaryResult that was in the MVCFutures is now included in the core, and renamed to FileResult.

For more details, have a look at Scott’s post: ASP.NET MVC Design Gallery and Upcoming View Improvements with the ASP.NET MVC Release Candidate

Looking forward to get the bits in January. The only bad thing is that now I’ve to rewrite parts of our (Keyvan’s and mine) book on ASP.NET MVC V1.

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