Seems like Microsoft just RTM-ed the GDR version of Visual Studio 2008 Database Edition.

Although the name "GDR", which stands for "General Redistribution Release", implies otherwise, this really is a complete new release, based on a new architecture. We have taken the architectural changes from the Rosario project (Visual Studio Team System 2010) and rolled them forward in time.

The coolest feature IMHO are:

  • the Standalone Deployment Engine, which makes it possible to deploy the database schema on target databases that are not all up to date or are different point in time;
  • the new Model based architecture makes loading projects with thousands of objects way faster;
  • Partial Projects: “Conceptually "Partial Projects" are comparable with C/C++ #include files.”

You can read more on the official announcement: Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR – RTM

And download the release (which is only a 11Mb) on Microsoft Download site.

On thing worth noticing: it changes the format of the database project file: if more than one developer is using it, they all must upgrade to the GDR version.

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