Tomorrow I’ll be at the Italian Agile Day in Bologna: it’s going to be “my first time” at an Agile conference and I’m pretty excited about that.

Two members of the UGIALT.NET user group, Emanuele Del Bono and Claudio Maccari, are going to drive a TDD on .NET lab, and for those that were not able to take part at the lab (only 12 seats out of 400 people attending the conference) and are interested on listening to SCRUM-W (the wrong approach to Scrum), there is going to be an OpenSpace that will probably be about tools for an Agile .NET.

At the Agile Day there will also be to evangelist from Microsoft that are going to speak about how Microsoft is going to facilitate the adoption of Agile practices on the .NET stack:

I’m probably going to have a small part in Pietro’s talk. Thank you Pietro for this opportunity.

I’ll be twittering during the event, so, if you are not coming and are interested, follow me on twitter. And if you are coming, see you there.