1. Stay up till 3am to work on an ASP.NET MVC book and write some samples on alternative view engines
  2. Wake up at 7am and tumble out of bed
  3. Grab the Vespa and ride 20 minutes under a pouring rain
  4. Got to the swimming pool, and swim for 1000 meters
  5. Walk to the subway station (and leave the Vespa to your wife), still under the rain
  6. Go to work while listening how pragmatism and getting things done killed the purism and the security concerns (ie How Stackoverflow was built)

And this is not sarcasm: the 30 minutes of swimming and listening to how StackOverflow was build, with not attention to physical security, no tests as would have delayed the release and with less-than-best-practice architecture really lightened my morning start, regardless of the only 4 hours of sleep. There should be more of this kind of podcasts.

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