October was a pretty busy month for me, especially because of two events I attended in two weekends:

Italian MVP OpenDays

It was great to meet all the other MVPs, especially the ones of other specialties like Office and IT.

We had an overview of how MS is moving about the community, and where it’s heading in the market. We had a brief overview of the Azure thing (at the time it was still called Red Dog).

But the most important thing of the event is networking and being able to meet with the internal people of Microsoft and help them to interact with the community of developers and IT professionals.

And in the Saturday’s random draw I won an X-Box… I still have to turn it on since I need a custom cable to connect it to my only display which is an Apple Cinema Display.

Thanks to the “Official” photographer of the event, Roberto Restelli, MVP on Office Outlook, for the pictures. Here you can see some of them.

TheNewMVPs ListeningToSomeTalk

CelebratingWithAGlassOfWine WinningAnXBox

More pictures of the event can be found on Roberto’s site: the event, the MVPs, the dinner, the draw.

And of course, a big thank to Alessandro Teglia for organizing all of this.

DotNetSide Workshop

I already wrote about the event, my impressions, and posted the slides, but I forgot the pics.

Here are some of them:

crowded-room presenting-jquery


And a cool DeepZoom collage of all the pictures is also available, thanks to Vito.

What’s next?

Hopefully the snow will start to fall, the temperatures will go down, and during the weekends I’ll be starting to go cross-country skiing and ice-climbing. But there are some other events planned in the future and something I’m planning together with the Italian DPE guys, in particular with Pietro Brambati and Gabriele Castellani. Stay tuned, especially if you live in Italy.

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