birthdaycake As every year on September 11th I’m getting one year older… and today I’m becoming 34.

My 33rd year has been an exciting one from the professional stand point, and pretty good from the open-air ones as well.

I started an exciting job in Avanade and I met great colleagues, I co-founded the UGIALT.NET community, I got excited by the ASP.NET MVC framework and started evangelizing it, I became a Mac addicted, I wrote a bunch of articles on ASP.NET MVC for DotNetSlackers, I started writing a book, again on ASP.NET MVC (it’s already available for pre-order on Amazon UK and soon will be Amazon US), and I organized the first Italian ALT.NET conference.

On the open-air side unfortunately I didn’t climb as much as I wanted, due to poor weather conditions and some health issues, but I started biking again, after almost 10 years or more of not doing it.

And then yesterday we all survived the LHC experiment and the Earth didn’t get sucked in by a black hole.

What better gift for this exciting year if not a brand new all-carbon road bike?

I just found out that Keyvan birthday is September 11th as well, so Happy Birthday to him!!!

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