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September 2008 Blog Posts

Review of

A few weeks ago, thanks to a tweet from Thomas Freudenberg, I discovered, a Web2.0 web application that allows users to post their favorite bike routes and track their trips, mapping them using Google Maps.

The things I like the most is that, unlike many other track mapping sites (included the Nike+ site), it gives you the option to follow the road and not just draw straight lines, so you don’t have to add 100 small segments just to follow the path of a mountain pass street with many switchbacks.

The other awesome feature is the altitude profile: it’s automatically created using the altitude metadata of Google Map, and it’s incredibly precise, even with non US areas. The graph blow is my Sunday morning trip that starts directly from my door.


As you might notice, there is a vertical row in the graph: you can move it with the mouse, and, on the map, you will see an icon following the path as in the image below:


But you’d better try it by yourself on the trip’s page directly on Milano – Besana Brianza.

At the moment there are around 45.000 tracks mapped on the site, most of which, around 42k, in Europe, but also around two thousands in the US and around 250 in Australia and even 32 mapped in New Zealand.


If you are a biker, you’d better check it out. It’s an awesome site, neatly implemented with a great user experience, and a great example of integration with GoogleMap. And if you are interested in looking at my tracks, I’m codeclimber on

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Big in Bosnia

Well, not as the Guano Apes in Big in Japan, but, tonight our (Keyvan’s and mine) book, Beginning ASP.NET MVC, went for the first official public display at a INETA user group meeting in Banjaluka, Bosnia, during a presentation about ASP.NET MVC held by Dragan Panjkov.

Thanks to Dragan for the plug and for the photo.


UPDATE: More info about the talk, together with slides, demos and more pictures of the event can be found on Talk: Introduction to ASP.NET MVC.

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ASP.NET MVC Beta1 in a few weeks and v1 by end of year

A tweet in the morning, straight from Remix08 UK, where ScottGu is doing a presentation on ASP.NET MVC:

ScottGu says feature complete MVC beta "in a few weeks". final v1 by end of year

Then the month that ends in ember is December, not March-ember as someone said.

[via irascian and Andrew Rimmer]

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C# vs Ruby

This is not another humor post, but just a comparison between the searches on the terms C# and Ruby using Google Trends.


Apart from the number of searches on the term C# which are double the ones on the term Ruby, it’s funny to notice the trend in the various days of the weeks: Ruby stays constant throughout all the week, while C# drops to half the volume during weekends. There might be a few explanations for this:

  1. Ruby is used by people that don’t have a personal life and spend the weekend developing stuff
  2. C# is used by people that develop only on their 9-5, Mon-Fri job

Any other guess?

Thanks to Andrea for sharing this on his blog.

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birthdaycake As every year on September 11th I’m getting one year older… and today I’m becoming 34.

My 33rd year has been an exciting one from the professional stand point, and pretty good from the open-air ones as well.

I started an exciting job in Avanade and I met great colleagues, I co-founded the UGIALT.NET community, I got excited by the ASP.NET MVC framework and started evangelizing it, I became a Mac addicted, I wrote a bunch of articles on ASP.NET MVC for DotNetSlackers, I started writing a book, again on ASP.NET MVC (it’s already available for pre-order on Amazon UK and soon will be Amazon US), and I organized the first Italian ALT.NET conference.

On the open-air side unfortunately I didn’t climb as much as I wanted, due to poor weather conditions and some health issues, but I started biking again, after almost 10 years or more of not doing it.

And then yesterday we all survived the LHC experiment and the Earth didn’t get sucked in by a black hole.

What better gift for this exciting year if not a brand new all-carbon road bike?

I just found out that Keyvan birthday is September 11th as well, so Happy Birthday to him!!!

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A smart community kiwi joins Microsoft: Andrew Peters

APAndrew Peters, one of the smart guys I met during my 9 month of life in New Zealand, is joining Microsoft, as member of the team that will work on the Entity Framework.

I’m pretty sure that his experience building LightSpeed, a kind of lightweight ORM and domain modeling framework built by Mindscape, will help with development of the Entity Framework.

Andrew is also the man behind NHaml, a custom view engine for ASP.NET MVC, a port of the popular Rail Haml view engine.

My best wishes to him and to his wife Kara for the relocation to Vancouver: in case I’d decide to move away from Italy again, that would be my next spot, and considered that there is a MS development center, that makes this city even more attractive.