o_DSA_Book.pngAfter dark years, seems like good things are coming out from the Italian .NET community lately: the latest one is the free eBook on Data Structures and Algorithms wrote by Granville Barnett and the Italian UGIdotNET member, Luca Del Tongo.

I remember studying such things at the university, and the last time I helped a friend with his studies the books were still the same, and still based on "old" languages like C. Finally now a book covers the same important topics but with samples written in a modern object oriented language.

All the algorithms of the book are available in form of a library hosted on Codeplex whose name is DSA (which stands for Data Structures and Algorithms) implemented in C#.

Actually, the book comes the other way around: first Granville and Luca developed the DSA library, then they decided that it would have been nice to write a book that explained all the structures and algorithms of the library in a language agnostic way: and the book was born.

The books covers things like: Linked Lists, Binary Search Trees, Heap, Set, Queues, Sorting algorithms, String pattern recognitions and searches. But more will be coming since this is just the first draft of the book.

Congratulation to both the authors (especially to Luca since is Italian and he still at the university) and big thank to dotnetslackers that is hosting the eBook.

What are you waiting? Run and download the book!!!