I might be the only that missed that, but today a discussion on the internal Avanade mailing list brought to my attention an interesting fact: the ASP.NET MVC framework is not as all other Microsoft pre-release software that need a GoLive license (like it was for Silverlight or Atlas) but you can legally use in production code.

On the mailing list they pointed out a comment on ScottGu’s blog:

>>>>>>>>> 2. For which MVC drop we will have GoLive licence? I'd like to use it for my next project, and this fact will decide what to use - WebForms or MVC.

You can use MVC today for production applications (no golive license required - the MVC license already allows production deployment and usage).

Obviously he’s true, but to be sure for the legal standpoint, I had a look at the EULA that comes with ASP.NET MVC P3 and the first point of the agreement says:

INSTALLATION AND USE RIGHTS. You may install and use any number of copies of the software:

· on your premises to design, develop and test your programs for use with the software; and

· in a live operating environment to allow your customers to use, via a web interface, your programs that need the software to run.

As I said, I might have been the only one on Earth not to know this, but just in case, hope it cleared a bit the legal issues around ASP.NET MVC.

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