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As I already anticipated a few days ago, Subtext was on its way to be released. And today Phil just announced it: Subtext 2.0 has been released, one year and a few months after the previous version 1.9.5.

I already explained a some of the new features of Subtext 2.0:

but Subtext 2.0 also brings to the table:

  • Enhanced MetaWeblog API implementation
  • Enhanced WLW implementation
  • new CSS-based admin layout
  • Mobile-skin support
  • OpenID support, both to login to the admin and to use you blog as OpenID delegate
  • and many bug fixes

Read Phil blog for more details on the release notes and for the future plans for Subtext (MVC anyone?).

And, you want to upgrade you blog, or give Subtext a try, here is the url for the download: Subtext 2.0 of SourceForge.

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posted on Monday, August 11, 2008 2:37 AM
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