ReSharper is one of the tools I couldn’t live/code without, but when they designed it they didn’t tested my current scenario: I’m doing the assessment and refactoring of an application made of more than 80 projects (they were more than 200 in the same solution before we started our refactoring), some .cs files are more than 10k lines and some .aspx and code-behind files are more than 1000 lines.

When working on this solution sometimes I’ve to disable ReSharper otherwise it would take 3 minutes only to open the file and do the code analysis on that file. But going all the times in the Tools menu to disable the add-in is boring, and, furthermore, then I’ll have R# disabled for all the solution, not only for the 10K lines file.

But yesterday Steven Harman came to the rescue and suggested a keyboard shortcut:

CTRL + 8 will disable ReSharper for the current file, for the current session... an important point. :)

Thank you Steve!! Now I can just open any file, CTRL + 8, and the analysis stops immediately, and the file just loads.

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