As I did last week, this evening I upgraded my blog to the latest interim version of Subtext.

As you might see, the time of this post is 5:00AM. No, I didn’t stay up till late, but I’m using one of the new features of the soon to be release 2.0: the ability to post in the future.

So, if this post popped up in your RSS reader at 5:00AM it means the new feature is working… otherwise, it means we have a bug to fix before we do the release.

We also created a custom manifest for Windows Live Writer in order to make it aware of this new feature, and to allow the creation of “future posts” also from WLW.

The ability to write a post now, and have it appear only at a specified time and date is very useful now that the holidays are coming: I can write some posts in advance and have them appear twice or three times a week.

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