A new engineer that comes in gets a new MacPro with dual quad-core CPUs and 12GB of ram and a MacBook Pro. The down side of the whole deal is that you have to choose between two 23’’ or one 30’’ Apple Cinema display. (via LinkedIn Blog)

Before entering the consulting industry I always worked for software shops, where I had my own desk, my own desktop computer, my 20” displays, and so on… And working with a laptop and non personalizable desk is sub-optimal.

This also means that you will never have a dual (triple) screen display or powerful desktop with heaps of RAM and fast disks because you will always have a portable PC, and even if you are lucky to have a 4Gb, Core 2 Duo 2.6Ghz laptop it will never be as powerful as the Ultimate Developer Rigs of Scott Hanselman.

At least I’ve got my multidisplay desk at home.

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