Mindscape, the cool software agency based in Wellington (NZ) that had the office in the same building where I worked for Calcium, just released the second version of their domain modeling framework, named LightSpeed.

This version has some great new features:

  • Linq2LightSpeed: now the entities can be queried using Linq
  • Visual Studio Designer: for people that are soo 2002 and still prefer working with a data-first approach, or want to apply the ORM mapping to legacy databases, LightSpeed now has a VS designer and code generator that creates entities starting from the DB schema
  • Multi-context: this is a really cool feature. Not sure if it’s a common scenario but it happened to me once to have SQLite as storage of configuration and MS SQL Server as storage for the actual data. Now it’s possible to access two (or more) databases at the same time during the application. Something that is not possible with other ORM (or, at least, not that I know about)

Other small improvements and new APIs are among the changes released with the new version.

For more information have a look at the official changelog.

Congratulations to JD, JB, Andrew and Ivan for this new release.

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