Last summer, after coming back from NZ I did quite a few job interviews before deciding to go and work for Avanade, and one of them was with the Fusion4Energy EU agency in Barcelona.

The process on their side took quite a few months and they told that I qualified for the job and they were willing to hire me only last month, more than 8 months after the interview. But last month I was already working for Avanade and not willing to change job again, so I had to refuse the position.

So, to fill the spot Fusion for Energy published another position for a Microsoft SharePoint developer. It’s a 3 year contract with a possible renewal as permanent.

If you are a EU citizen, want to relocate to Barcelona, work in a big glass tower overlooking the beach and want to help with the building of the first power plant working with Nuclear Fusion (and building the first everlasting power source) you can apply for the position till June 20th.

For more info read the official publication: Microsoft SharePoint Developer  - FG IV and the remuneration and allowances schema for Contract Agents.