I think I never saw a BSOD since my Win2000 desktop, but today it happened 3 times in less then 5 hours.

And it always happened when I was scrolling data tables from inside SQL Server Management Studio.

The only thing I installed since the last time I used it were the drivers for my Microsoft Presenter Mouse 8000 to deliver my presentations on ASP.NET MVC last week. Seemed a bit weird that mouse drivers could interact cause such a problem.

But they were: searching on Google I found many posts and thread about this strange interaction between the two software.

This one “SSMS and win32k.sys Blue Screen” pretty much summarizes all the problems. And the solution is: remove the intellipoint drivers.

There are also a few bugs on Microsoft Connect, but still no official answer to them.

Now I uninstalled the Intellipoint 6.2 drivers: no more BSOD but also no more remote control functionalities for my mouse.

Let’s hope the 2 teams work out some fix together.

UPDATE: I opened a new bug report on connect: SSMS goes Blue Screen when scrolling data tables with Intellipoint 6.2 mice
UPDATE2: Microsoft closed the bug as "resolved" with a "won't fix", but without explanations